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Dean Cidrof, the owner of Terramar Inc., got into the flooring business by what he thinks was a remarkable twist of fate or coincidence. As is the case with many events in his life, including child # 3, his wife would say otherwise.

In fact, on a family vacation to Florida in 1990, Dean went to the Coverings show in Orlando to visit flooring exhibitors from around the world. He happened upon a Turkish marble supplier who he knew from his childhood in Buyukada, an island in Turkey where he spent most of his childhood summers. This supplier was looking for a distributor in Canada, a market that was virtually untapped at the time. They exchanged contact information with the hopes of reigniting their friendship and if God was willing, to starting a business relationship. Dean came back from the exhibition excited about the new possibilities.

Fast forward 28 years later. A successful and gratifying international business in not only marble flooring, but travertine, mosaics, quartz and ceramics, with operations in Turkey and an office in Montreal. Add to that an extremely loyal and dedicated team of employees. Top that off with a group of clients we enjoy dealing with, oftentimes considering them our friends.

During those years, Dean’s business went from the excitement of selling his first container of marble slabs, to selling his clients, and in turn, their clients, so much more. He likes to think that he helps to build hope, dreams and memories. He also likes knowing that our products are part of the World Trade Center in NY or even part of a newlywed’s home renovation project. He likens himself to a link in the chain of dreams.

If you want to join Dean and his team and get as much fulfilment out of your work as he does, then give us a call. Maybe the call will become another twist of fate.

To perhaps meeting you someday!

The Terramar Inc. family

“Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her.  But once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game.”


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